Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fashion: Fuller Skirts

Heading into fall and winter we start to pull out the fuller skirts from our closets. These skirts are full and flared with pleats deep enough to keep small change in. As they sing in Hairspray: "Give it motion like the ocean". These skirts are made for swinging those hips!

A pronounced waist, squared shoulders and a fitted jacket over a lacy top make this a fab fashion statement. Finish the look with some heavier shoes with chunky heels.

The pleated full-skirt on the left is from Club Monaco. They have a great collection of chic and modern fashions that are timeless and classic.

You might recognize the background of these pictures. They were taken at night in the area of Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.
Check out the complete photoshoot at the "Las Vegas at Night" link.

As you can imagine, the streets of Las Vegas, can be rather crowded in the evening as people walk from casino to casino. That's a lot faster that if you were trying to navigate the strip by car in the evening! It was challenging to do a photoshoot as hundreds of people walked by. Occasionally folks just stopped to watch and ask who the model was. I told the photographer to say "Andrea Nicole Baker" in a tone that suggested that the person should have known exactly who I am. Funny thing is that a few people actually asked for to have their picture taken with me. No point in passing up an opportunity to say they met a true celebrity. So I had my 15 minutes of fame.

This cream colored skirt on the left is "AQUA".
"Aqua" is exclusively available at Bloomingdales. The marketing line goes:

"Aqua is for a girl who likes to have fun. She is a total individual who is always one step ahead of the trends. The Aqua girl's unique style sets the trend season after season." Hmmm. A perfect description of moi!

Check out the fashion link to "Aqua" for fall 2007.

The photo was taken at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, one of my favorite places to spend an afternoon.

Andrea Nicole Baker

Fashion Faves

I adore fashion. It definitely has something to do with fashion being a self-expression of my style and personal image. Fashion is constantly evolving. As a woman who, hopefully, experiences significant personal growth, I try to use fashion to bring that out. I have been told that my style is feminine, classy and girly with a subtle (or not so subtle) sexiness. That description fits me to a "T".

Check out the link to my "Fashion Page". There are links to Fashion Sources, stores where I like to shop and Fashion Blogs.

Also view "My Galleria" where you will see quite a variety of photoshoots that I have done over the years. is one of my favorite fashion sites. I strongly suggest subscribing to the daily email. Lots of great information!

I subscribe to the following fashion magazines: Vogue, Elle, InStyle and Lucky, On occasion I will pick up a copy of Bazaar, Glamour or ShopNow. I love the fashion spreads because they truly show the ultimate in glam (whether or not they are practical for wearing anywhere but the catwalk).

Another great source of fashion information are video podcasts from itunes. I subscribe to Fashion Network, Style Videos, Nordstrom Fashion Videos and others. These are all free and can be viewed on your PC or Mac (or on your video ipod).

One of my favorite fashion lines in International Concepts (INC) which is sold at Macys and Bloomingdales.

I love shopping for an outift and then finding just the right accessories to go with it. The right shoes, handbag, stockings, jewelry, etc. It does not all happen during the same shopping trip. It just happens over time. For example, I'll spot a pair of earrings that I sense will go well with a particular outfit and slowly it all comes together.

Sometimes I am very purposeful when I am shopping. At other times I just browse to see what I can discover. It's very relaxing and enjoyable to chat with the salesladies about the new fashions and accessories or to describe exactly what I am looking for.

Enjoy being a girl! I sure do!
Andrea Nicole Baker