Thursday, October 4, 2007

Allure - The Beauty Bible (plus Benefit!)

Insiders call ALLURE magazine the Beauty Bible. It is one of the must magazines I subscribe to and read cover to cover every month. Check out Allure's 2007 Best of Beauty Editors' Choice Awards.

Allure has wonderful articles and pictures about beauty, fashion and lots of personal interest writing. The fashion and beauty spreads are in full color. Ever issue has a special beauty topic section including help cards with detailed instructions. It definitely helps a girl be able to focus on the products that might be just right for her.

I'm going to share some of my favorite beauty products.
Check out Benefit for some of the most incredible cosmetics today. The packaging is fun and the products definitely work.

I spent years trying to find the perfect blush that would give me a great glow on my cheeks and that also had staying power!
This is a cheek tint that goes on easily and then can be applied perfectly using a cosmetic wedge. I still use some powder blush for highlights. A quick once over with a blush brush and the look stays great all day. This definitely give cheeks (and lips) a rosy glow!

"Get Bent Lash" mascara is the first mascara that I ever used that had an angled brush to make application that much easier. It lifts, lengthens and curls lashes to perfection. Like the ad says "It's like a push-up bra for your lashes". Much more on different types of mascaras on a future posting.

I always use this eye primer to prevent greasy, creasy eye lids! It makes a great foundation for your eye shadows. It locks on shadows and leaves a smooth satin finish so you look perfectly put together all day. Tips and tricks: Use fingertips to blend evenly across the entire eye lids. A little goes a long way.

A few other Benefit beauty products I use and recommend are:

HIGHBROW: A brow lifting and defining pencil. This matte linen-pink cream works on all complexions beautifully and makes eyes and brows look younger and sexier...and isn't that what we're all after?

BO-ING: Say good-bye to circles and shadows around your eyes with boi-ing. This concealer camouflages those pesky "problems" without creasing, smudging, or wearing off. It works great! Swirl your finger in boi-ing to warm the product. Apply 3 dots under your eye area where dark circles exist. Pat to blend lightly with fingertips working from the outer and inner corner toward the middle.

"Andrea Nicole Baker"

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