Monday, October 22, 2007

Fashion: Modeling

Doing a photoshoot can be lots of fun but it is also quite a bit of hard work. For every great photo there is a tremendous amount of effort to put together the look and then find the right pose, location and lighting. Having done both outdoor and indoor photoshoots I have learned the challenges of both.

The purpose of this post is to show you all one of my favorite outdoor locations for photoshoots. It's the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Depending on the time of year and the foliage the gardens can look very different which makes for very interesting opportunities.

I'm actually only going to show you one specific place where I love to pose. Please check out "Andrea's Galleria" to see many more photos at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. This location is a small pathway right next to the Japanese garden. It has great lighting and can be photographed from either side. You'll notice that in the pictures.

The first two outfits are Sunny Leigh ensembles.
The first is a pink skirt with black embriodery. Completing the outfit is a fitted black buttoned sweater over a pink lacy top.

The second outfit is also Sunny Leigh. Notice the cute black flower cutouts in the skirt.

This photo was taken in the late afternoon. You can see a difference in the shadows from the previous picture.

I love wearing pink as often as possible. Notice the open toed, strappy pink & black pumps. Don't you also just love the pretty pink flower pin?

Just a casual red, scoop-neck top and a red pleated skirt. The red dramatically brings out the highlights in my blonde hair.

Notice that these two photos (pink above) are taken at opposite directions. Gives you a complete view of the area.

"Andrea Nicole Baker"

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