Monday, November 12, 2007

Fashion: What's in your closet?

Here are 3 cute outfits. Two are new and one is a long time favorite.


This two piece outfit is both classy and feminine. The top is 100% shimmery silk.  It wears and feels as good, if not better, than it looks. 
The skirt has a soft pleat. It is multi-colored (black, turquoise and blue ) with bands of blue and black stripes at the hem.  The skirt is mid-calf length. It's a  perfect complement to the dark blue top.  
Note the lovely turquoise necklace with the large stone above the scoop neckline.

The heels are Franco Sarto with 2" chunky heels. You can see the nickel buckle on the front of the shoes. They help make the outfit a classy fashion statement.


This is my first purple outfit. I never thought purple would look so good on me. Sunny Leigh is a new fashion line I discovered earlier last year. Check my fashion blog on to see a couple other gorgeous Sunny Leigh outfits.

The top is silk with jewels adorning the scoop neckline.  The eyes are drawn to the jewels first, then to the bustline and then the cute, puffy short sleeves.

Note the embroidery work on the skirt.  The purple just stands out so well against the silk top. I'm wearing the same Franco Sarto heels as in the outfit above.  Completing the outfit is a delicate thin silver necklace with a small purple stone.

INC is one of my favorite fashion lines. It is primarily sold at Macys and Bloomingdales.

This outfit is a pink suede skirt suit.  I'm wearing a multi-colored top (red, pink, black, white) which makes the pink suede look even more classy and feminine.  The skirt is pleated.  It also has a 2" wide suede belt which sets off the top from the skirt so nicely.

Check out the sexy 3" open toed pumps. They are Paolo from Nordstrom.
The stockings are sheer with just a hint of pink.  Of course my eye shadow and lipstick are pink also. 

The outfit is completed with a pretty pink leather handbag.

I do love pink!

"andrea nicole baker"


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