Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Beauty: Best Beauty Blogs

I've been searching the web for interesting and fun beauty blogs. Enjoy!

Beauty Addict 
Blogger Kristen Kelly of Brooklyn is a self-described beauty product addict. We love her fresh approach to product reviews, her breezy writing and her ... honesty. If she doesn't like a product, she says so. Kelly also throws in fun celeb sightings and personal notes.

Christina Jones offers lively product reviews, dos & don'ts, how-tos & more on her eBeautyDaily blog.
The urban girl's guide to makeup and beauty. This beauty blog is based out of British Columbia. Product reviews, hot new makeup and bath items and much more.

"A Southern girl's guide to all things 'beautimous.'"

A classic beauty blog for the makeup-obsessed. The blogger is a mother of four, living in Nevada, who "spends way too much money on beauty products."

When life gives you lemons, cut them in half and rub them on your elbows and knees." A self-described "product junkie," blogger Lianne is a professional makeup artist and former model.

A day in the life of celebrity makeup artist. Blogger Elke Von Freudenberg writes about the products she actually plays with.

"What do you get when you throw a true beauty obsessive in Europe together with a veteran beauty journalist in LA? Not much room on the bathroom shelves, that's for sure." Check out this blog for fun reviews of makeup, fashion and beauty news.

A practical site full of product reviews, focusing on makeup.

Lina Hanson's blog is chock full of fun beauty news and makeup tips with a few celebrities throw in the mix. A trained makeup artist, Lina's not just product-obsessed, she actually works with makeup every day -- a bonus in a blogging community that's growing more and more each day.

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