Monday, January 7, 2008

Fashion: What's in your closet?


This two piece outfit is both classy and feminine. The top is 100% shimmery silk. It wears and feels as good, if not better, than it looks.

The skirt has a soft pleat. It is multi-colored (black, turquoise and blue ) with bands of blue and black stripes at the hem. The skirt is mid-calf length. It's a perfect complement to the dark blue top.

Note the lovely turquoise necklace with the large stone above the scoop neckline.

The shoes are Franco Sarto with 2" chunky heels. You can see the nickel buckle on the front of the shoes. They help make the outfit a classy fashion statement.

I asked 20 people what their eyes were drawn to (and in what order) when they looked at these photos. The consensus answers (in order) were:   Face, Breasts, Legs, and Hair.

Then I asked what would you change or like to see more of.
The consensus answers (in order) were: More legs (shorter skirt and higher heels), frontal view of my cleavage, hands on my hips.

Do you agree or disagree. Please leave a comment.

"andrea nicole baker"


John said...

Andrea, I think your skirt should be shorter and you should sit in such a way that you are almost showing your panties. Also wear higher heels and show those sexy legs off some more. Love the smile, and yes show more cleavage!!! xxxxxx

Julie said...

Gosh Andrea what a lovely outfit. I would love to try that on and go to a club or for a meal in such a divine skirt. I'd love to dance in those heels or flirt with some lovely hunky guy while i dance and swirl my skirt around. I would certainly wear a sexy garter belt under that skirt and perhaps wear a pink ribbon in my hair or a silky scrunchie on my wrist.

Anonymous said...

You are very attractive, classy and sexy looking lady. You look great in that outfit. Would love to see you in more outfits

Anonymous said...

andrea, i think u should have a higher heel on , maybe open toe, skirt could be alittle shorter .u look very classy and mature and have a great smile

bill said...

U look stunning!