Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2008 Oscars - My favorite gowns and looks

Who cares what movies, actors, actress, and directors won the Oscars?  Let's go check out the best dressed stars on the red carpet.

Three gowns stood out in my mind from Oscar night. The red gowns worn by Katherine Heigl and Heidi Klum. The picture on the left is of Katherine Heigl doing what she does best -- classic Hollywood glamour -- with her Marilyn Monroe hairdo looked great in her one-shoulder red, custom made Escada dress.The Grey’s Anatomy star accessorized glamorously, in Ryan Ryan jewelry, a studded Jimmy Choo clutch, pin curls and bold matching lips.

Heidi Klum (right) is ravishing in red. The beauty wears a phenomenal Galliano gown complete with sweeping train and dramatic collar to show her support for heart-disease awareness. The Project Runway host accessorized her dress, which will be auctioned off to raise funds for the Red Dress Campaign for Heart Truth, with earrings, rings and a cuff that featured rubies, kunzites and pink diamonds set in 18k rose gold all from the Heidi Klum Collection for Mouawad.

Marion Cotillard, who won the Oscar for best actress for her role in La Vie en Rose, is exquisite in a vintage gown.

Andrea Nicole Baker

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