Friday, February 8, 2008

The Girls Guide to a Fabulous Kiss

With Valentine's Day approaching next week I am sure all you girls are receiving the same emails for flowers, candy, lingerie and other delightful feminine treats. I received a delightful email from Lancome (for Le Rouge Absolu and Color Fever lipsticks) that started me thinking all about kissing.

Who knew that there was an art to kissing? I did a quick web search and found everything you ever wanted to know about the art of kissing including books and DVDs. This site even has an FAQ about kissing and a how-to about French Kissing.

This is an excerpt from Sheila's Kissing Booth which is a very cute site with lots of great advice.

"Kissing is probably the most physically romantic two people can get. There really is no wrong way to kiss. The thing to remember is that everybody kisses differently and different people prefer different ways of kissing. Some people, believe it or not, are appalled at the idea of French Kissing or using your tongue while you kiss. While others can't imagine kissing without using your tongue. The thing is to try kissing that person a few times before deciding how you and your partner prefer kissing and to get used to the way that person kisses.

A first kiss should always be done while the two of you are alone. This will help to avoid any unnecessary nervousness and embarrassing situations. The best type of kiss is one that uses different variations, such as starting with a small kiss, working into a French Kiss, maybe sucking on your partner's upper or lower lip, then trying the other two types. And don't just leave kisses to the lips. Kiss their cheeks, their chin or their eyelids. This can be very seductive and romantic.

The perfect kiss is one that is done with someone you really care about. There is more caring and sincerity in a kiss with someone special than with someone you hardly know, although a really good kiss can certainly bring two people closer together"

"You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss".  
Yes that is from one of the most romantic movies of all times Casablanca. Bogart & Bergman.
Click here to see Sam sing "As Time Goes by".

Gorgeous painted lips and kissing make a wonderful visual image. But the truth is that the reality of kissing does a job on those pretty painted lips.  You will find so many ads for kiss proof lipsticks. But I doubt if any of them really work.  This is a 1929 retro lipstick ad. Isn't it wonderful?

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Would love to spend time with you and those lips, kissing for a long time. Are you up for it?

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