Thursday, March 20, 2008

Taryn Rose

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If an orthopedic surgeon recommended a brand of high heels to you, you'd probably be wise to pay attention. In essence, that's what you get when you buy a pair of Taryn Rose shoes, since Rose herself was trained as an orthopedic surgeon. In fact, it's during that time that Dr. Rose saw first-hand the damage that high heels had caused for her patients. Being a fan of heels herself -- she'd sometimes work 14-hour shifts wearing high heeled shoes -- in the truest sense of the phrase, Rose actually felt her patients' pain.

(My photos show a selection of my Taryn Rose heels)
Having been known to leave a long shift at the hospital and head straight to Neiman Marcus , Taryn's own search for heels that didn't hurt her feet left her as frustrated as the rest of us. As Rose neared the end of her residency, she started thinking about a different career path -- that of a shoe designer.

Leaving the scrubs behind, in 1998, Taryn Rose launched her own line of luxury shoes. The idea was to create shoes that felt good and looked good. Paying homage to her own love of designer footwear, Taryn Rose shoes are created in Italy with some of the finest materials available.

Free of the pointy toes and spiked heels that are so brutal on our feet and bodies, the Taryn Rose line of women's shoes includes high heels, flats, sandals, evening shoes and boots that range from feminine to funky, and have loads of personality. The soles of Taryn Rose women's shoes feature an embossed print of an enlarged rose pattern.

Despite the fact that Taryn Rose shoes are expensive -- ranging in price from $200 to $1200, with most styles falling in the $400-500 price range -- loyal customers can't get enough of her creations.

At her first Beverly Hills boutique, she found that some customers had travelled across the country to purchase as many as 20 pair, and sales were so impressive during trials at stores like Neiman Marcus, that her shoes are now carried at several of their locations, as well as most other high-end department stores.

In recent years, Taryn has opened several other boutiques, including one in Seoul, Korea, and has added men's shoes to the mix. In 2006, a line of handbags bearing the Taryn Rose label was launched. The Taryn by Taryn Rose line features styles that are a bit on the trendier side and are also a bit less expensive, averaging about $200-300 per pair.

While the heels are 3" - 3.5" they actually feel like I am wearing 2" heels. They are very comfortable and look sexy at the same time. A perfect combination.

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you look fabulous in heels

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