Saturday, April 4, 2009

Vegas Interview

I've got so much to write about my Vegas trip in February. I went to see Cher at the Caesar's Palace. She is am amazing talent. She has a great voice and an amazing body even for being 20+ years past her prime. She just gets better and better.

I also had a chance to see Danny Gans who moved from the Mirage to the new Encore at the Wynn. What an amazing talent! Whether talking or singing the impressions were so realistic. Can't wait to see him again.

I was in Vegas in late February. The weekends were crowded but the weekdays were fairly quiet. Not as much trouble getting into clubs, show or being jostled in the shopping malls and casinos.

I did a few modeling jobs and some photos shoots. Plus I have a new portfolio available on Blurb (more on that next post).
I also had a fun time doing a local interview. Isn't the hostess cute and sexy?

Andrea Nicole Baker

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the hostess is hot and sexy!!!