Thursday, October 29, 2009

100 Books sold! WOW! Thank you all!

I did a recent check of my sales from Blurb and was thrilled to see that I have sold 100 books to date. Half of those sales were from my two most recent photo books. Now I have to find a way to encourage those who purchased my books to write an endorsement! If you are one of those wonderful people who has been following my blog and purchased one (or more) of my books please take a few minutes to sign on to Blurb and write a short endorsement! Thank you.

Portfolio 2003-09
By Andrea Nicole Baker
My most recent portfolio has over 300 pages of modeling photos from the last 6+ years. The best option is to order the Hardcover Image Wrap book. It's a great coffee table book.

Sweet Lolita Andrea
By Andrea Nicole Baker
As you can tell I am so excited about and interested in Gothic and Lolita fashions and lifestyle. I have only had this book available for about 2 weeks and already it has sold more than 20 copies.

There are 3 other books that are available also. One of my favorites is "The Bride" which is a collection of bridal photos taken at two very famous locations in the Atlanta area. Centennial Olympic Park and Stone Mountain.
By Andrea Nicole Baker

Andrea Nicole Baker