Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Loli Halloween

I went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens this past week to view a wonderful exhibit of scarecrows. The weather was sunny and temperate. A beautiful afternoon for a stroll. Of course, being in full Sweet Lolita, I got a lot of attention. The more precious response was from little girls who asked if I was a Princess. But we all know the answer to that question! Giggle.

The first photo is my favorite. A Lolita Scarecrow. She is so cute and adorable! Don't you adore the pink lace sash?

This one takes a bit more imagination. But its not hard to see a gorgeous ballerina in motion. Notice she is dancing on one leg while the other leg strikes the perfect ballet pose in perfect balance with with the arms.

Much more to come on Halloween.
Loli Andrea

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