Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dream Dress: AP Star Night Theatre Dress

This is Angelic Pretty's marketing for their Star Night Theatre fashions. It comes in a dress, JSK and skirt with a complete assortment of accessories. It features a night-time circus theme! The dress is decorated in items you might find at a circus, and the border print shows a fun scene under the big top tent. It’s finished off with tulle lace and a rich gold torchon lace.

This marketing piece only shows the fashion in pink and red. There is also a black version. As you can see in the photo above.

Of course, I love the dress in all three colors. There are all extremely "sweet" (as are all AP fashions). I adore the pink. But then I am so partial to anything (be it fashions or anything else) in pink. The first reaction is that the AP fashions are very girly (good) and extremely juvenile (bad).

I am considering accessorizing the dress much differently that in the marketing photo. Something to make it look much more sophisticated. I'd like to be able to wear it to work (and other places) and not just to Lolita meet-ups. I mean it's hard to be taken seriously dressed as a little girl! So I'm thinking I could do that with the black dress (not so much the pink or the red).

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

Andrea Nicole Baker


Anonymous said...

You would look gorgeous in the pink dress. Honestly, you would not look like a little girl! The outfit would be very sophisticated with a small pink hair ribbon, long dangly silver earrings, and maybe pink classic pumps (or even black pumps).

I do love the black dress also!


ginger said...

I think you always look good in pink hun

love ginger

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea,

First off I just have to say how fantastic you always look. So well put together and always a lovely picuture of feminity. You are a wonderful example for all of us to emulate.

I really like the dress. I am sure you will look fabulous in any of the colors. I think i like the black best, but I am partial to anything black. But the pink i so darn cute, just very feminine.

As we discussed Im not sure it would go well in a professional work environment, as you mentioned.

Thank you so much for asking me to comment.

I hope you have so much fun in your new dress, cant wait to see the new photo shoot.

Hugs n Kisses Lana

Anonymous said...

Andrea Looking at all three dresses I think you could wear all 3 with no problem. I think the black one would be best for you with your beautiful blondes hair and ribbons.
Probly with white stockings and black shoes. You should be able to wear it to work and look fantastic. I would be very proud to take you out dressed in it. Katrina Wilson

Katrina Wilson said...

Andrea I have looked at the three dresse and like all 3 and you could wear all 3 with no problem. I do think for you with your blonde hair the black dress would look the best. With white stockings and black shoes and black ribbons in your hair. I also think you could wear it to work with no problem you would look FANTASTIC. I hope you do it.
Katrina Wilson

Anonymous said...

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