Saturday, November 7, 2009

Evening gown choices

There are a number of events and parties that are coming up for the Holidays and into the new year (2010) for which I need to wear an evening gown. You know the type. A long floor length dress with a low-cut neckline, flowing skirt and evening sandals. These photos are just an example of what I might be looking for. The gowns are exquisite. I could spend weeks searching for just the perfect gown. So many choices of colors and styles.

But, I'd really rather wear an elegant Lolita Princess Gown and make a unique fashion statement. Really stand out from all the other women. I just love this Victorian Lolita Princess Baby Dolly Promenade Dress and Choker. I can have it made in many colors. Here are the examples in Pink and black (which are my first choices).

The dress is made from cotton broadcloth and chiffon with cotton trimmings and cotton laces. An adjustable waist by bust lacing up corset in front. The dress is ankle length. The color options are cream, Black, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Red and a few more. Lace trim is white or black depending on the primary dress color chosen.

So what do you think? Traditional evening gown or the Lolita Princess Gown? (and what color for the Lolita Princess Gown)?

Andrea Nicole Baker

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Anonymous said...

I love the Victorian Lolita Princess Baby Dolly Promenade Dress in Pink. So perfect for a girly girl like you. The options of black cotton with black or white lace are gorgeous also.