Saturday, November 28, 2009

Everything you wanted to know about Gothic and Lolita

I decided to put the links to my favorite Lolita Blogs, Lolita Shopping and other Lolita Sites so that they would be easy for me (and my followers) to find. Of course, this is NOT the definitive list of Gothic and Lolita information. But I think it is very comprehensive. I'll be adding more as I encounter them.
I will also share my thoughts about my favorites.

My favorite Blogs are Lolita Charm and Fyeah Lolita. The girls are amazingly knowledgeable and creative. I love the their insights into the EGL Community and Lolita Lifestyle.

In my "Miscellaneous Lolita" list are sites that tell you all about Gothic Lolita fashion and Liftstyle. The Lolita Handbook is a great source of information.

I'm still working through the shopping sites. More on that in another posting. I will share my experiences with ordering new outfits and my satisfaction with the gorgeous fashions.

Andrea Nicole Baker (Loli Andrea)

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