Friday, November 20, 2009

Lolita meet-up Nov 2009

The Loli meetup last Wednesday was fab. Was wonderful to see some of the girls I met in october and also make some new girlfriends! There were about 15 Lolita girls who met at a local restaurant for dinner and socializing.

I can hardly express what a fun and enjoyable evening it was. A truly amazing group of talented, creative, beautiful and intelligent young ladies. Of course everyone at the restaurant wondered who the "Pouf" girls were.

I was wearing my new Gothic Lolita dress. It is a JSK - Back Tiered Pintuck Frills Dress worn with a black frilly blouse. There are tiered pleated pintucks & frills and small bow-ties with a line of buttons in the front and shirring back. Plus a small petticoat underneath to give it the "pouf" look. I'll have some better photos of it soon!

I had about 2 hours to shop and browse at the mall before the meet-up. I got lots of compliments (and questions) about my outfit. One of the best reactions was when I walked into Sephora. The salesgirl greeting customers said "What a lovely Lolita!" That was a great start to a marvelous evening.

Andrea Nicole

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