Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mascara - The search for long and full lashes

I have been experimenting with different mascaras for years just to get the perfect combination of long and full volume eyelashes. I have not found the perfect mascara yet but enjoying the opportunity to experiment. I just love the look of long gorgeous lashes.

This article on "Best Mascaras" actually comes closest to my experiences with top mascaras listed.

5. Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara (Short review) - Based on the price and the beautifully fanned out panoramic effect – the Givenchy Phenom’ Eyes Mascara is a superbly good buy. I personally think that no other mascara in the market, no matter how odd-shaped the sphere is – can produce the unique and dazzling effect that will just bring out the beauty of your eyes, whatever its shape and size. It’s definitely one of the best among all the mascaras out there!
(Andrea - On my short list to try next!)

4. Lancome Fatale Mascara (Short Review) - What you should know is that it will take you some time to get used to this 3D comb, but after you do – there is nothing like Fatale! :) It’s been called the best mascara for years now. If you never tried it, you definitely should! Every word in the description of this top mascara is true.
(Andrea - I have used this. it does take time to get used to the comb. The results are amazing. I use on my upper lashes only.)

3. Lancome Hypnose Mascara (Short Review) - The mascara is perfect for creating the volume AND the length, it also separates lashes greatly. Being another classic from Lancome, Hypnose is one of the best mascaras I’ve ever tried! No wonder it’s always on Beauty Best Sellers Lists!
(Andrea - Completely agree. I used it for about a year. Not sure why I stopped. Probably just the thought that there might be a mascara even better!)

2. Dior Diorshow Mascara (Short Review) - Dior Diorshow is an excellent mascara, but it does not work for everyone (for me personally it came as a challenge at first, as the wand seemed too big for my little eyelashes, but it gave amazing results once I got a hand of it). The girls with longer lashes don’t face a problem like that, usually they fall in love with this mascara at first try. They say although the brush is huge, it makes their lashes look incredible, long, well separated, with a lot of volume and curl… It’s true. I’ve seen it on my eyelashes and on the eyelashes of my friends – amazing results from a top Dior mascara!
(Andrea - This is what I am using now! I adore it! Great Results. Goes on very easily. Long and full lashes!

1. Chanel Inimitable (Short review) - Being a make-up junkie I tried it all from Maybelline for $2.99 to DiorShow for $40 (that’s what they charge for it in Moscow, can you believe it!?). But Chanel Inimitable beats them all! Just like the ad says, with the first stroke you get the lashes you’ve always wanted! But of course you will need an eye lash curler before you apply the mascara. Your lashes will be spectacular, if you always thought that you had thin and not pretty eyelashes, this is the mascara to prove you wrong, it will make them look gorgeous! The best mascara ever!
(Andrea - On my short list to try next!)

Andrea Nicole Baker

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