Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gothic Lolita - JSK and Blouse

This is my new Gothic Lolita dress. It is a JSK - Back Tiered Pintuck Frills Dress worn with a black frilly blouse. There are tiered pleated pintucks & frills and small bow-ties with a line of buttons in the front and shirring back. Plus a small petticoat underneath to give it the "pouf" look. You might have noticed me in this dress in an earlier posting. You should be able to be able to see the lovely details of this gorgeous outfit.

I also found some very pretty knees socks that add some color to the black outfit. How about that pretty black head bow? I'm standing outside of the Girli Girl Boutique in downtown Buford, Ga. It's a cute boutique filled with racks of gorgeous gowns and dresses!

The back view shows the cute bow tied around my waist. You can see the cute knee socks and colors from that angle too. The head bow is much more visible from this angle.

Although the name 'Gothic' Lolita alludes to goth fashion as a whole, the style is primarily influenced by victorian inspired goth style and not cyber goth or industrial style.

A Gothic Lolita outfit like all Lolita styles, is very modest in today's standards. As with other Lolita styles a Gothic Lolita outfit can usually be recognised by the bell-shaped skirt, and puff-sleeves. A Gothic Lolita outfit is usually comprised of black or rich dark colors such as burgundy, purple and navy. It is common for this style to involve details in complementary or contrasting colors, such as the infamous black and white coordination choice.

Makeup for this style can range from a light natural look to a dramatic smokey eye with a dark red lip depending on the outfit and occasion. A common mistake by beginners that is worth mentioning is the use of black lipstick and whiteface. Both whiteface and black lipstick take away from the elegance of the lolita style and should only be used as stage makeup as a general rule.

The term 'Gothic Lolita' is often confused with the term 'Elegant Gothic Lolita,' which was coined by the Japanese musician Mana to describe the clothes of his brand Moi-Meme-Moitie.

Andrea Nicole baker

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