Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lolita Lifestyle and me

There is so much more to "Lolita" than the fashion. I feel strongly that the lovely fashions are all about expressing one's individuality (and sharing interests in the style with girlfriends!). But there is so much more to being a Lolita .

As my friend Skye says "It's about finding a way to discover your own inner strengths and develop the confidence and grace of a Princess, while gaining an appreciation of the virtues of a more beautiful way of life."

Victoria Suzanna, from Lolita Charm has a wonderful post all about being a lifestyle Lolita. I adore her attitude. "The great thing about lifestyle lolita is that you get to cherry-pick what you want from it. If it makes you happy, do it! No matter what you decide is an important facet in your lifestyle definition, I think i can safely say they're all about adding something beautiful to your life".

She has another insightful post where she tries to clear up some misconceptions about Lolita Lifestyle. "The true lolita does not just play at being her idea of a lolita. She doesn't have to be. She simply is one, and that means going to work, wearing her clothes when she has time, and eating a decent tuna sandwich for lunch. It means going for a jog on Sunday mornings, in track pants, and when you get back, enjoying your favorite blend of tea. It is called a lifestyle because it is life."

So I did some reading and decided to take these 6 ideas to start with and incorporate them into my life in 2010.

1. Get a Lolita pen pal, learn how to write a proper formal letter and send it on pretty scented paper, send gifts and things for each others birthdays. You might want to purchase a quill or dip pen, its fun to write with when you get used to it and has an old fashioned feel.

2. Visit the library and look for some suitable reads while you await the next Gothic and Lolita Bible. Fiction: Look for victorian romances, classic children’s stories, compilations of fairytales, gothic novels etc. Non-fiction: books on Victorian fashion and life, crafts, cooking, pattern books etc.

3. Set aside one day a month to be your “Princess day”, put on your favourite outfit and spoil yourself like a little princess for just one day, eat yummy desserts and pamper your royal self.

4. You may like to write poetry, a popular form in Japan is Haiku. Learn the forms of haiku and traditional poetry and use them to express your feelings and appreciation of nature. Poems also make nice gifts.

5. Do some research into the history of the Lolita fashion. Familiarise yourself with the bands, artists and designers who inspired it. It’s always good to have an understanding of where you fashion started and how it’s progressed over the years.

6. Find yourself a pretty charm bracelet. It can be a lot of fun to find lolita charms to add to it, keys, hearts, crowns, bows, butterflies. It’s traditional to buy charms for special events too, to help you remember them.

I'll be blogging about my progress on these goals in the next year.
Andrea Nicole


Ame said...

KYA! Love the fan+friend socks! I have those too ^____^
<3 Ame

Andrea Nicole Baker said...

KEWL! I saw them posted on your blog also! BTW - I adore your blog! It is toooooo cute!