Monday, December 7, 2009

Megan Maude - Oleander Dress

Miss Megan Maude McHugh is a local Atlanta designer. I love her gorgeous and feminine designs. The dresses are classy, sophisticated and most definitely Classic Lolita.

This Oleander dress with cream stripes features a gathered sweetheart neckline, attached back ties, back zipper closure, and detachable front bow. It is made from a cream, black and red cotton fabric and is trimmed with black cotton eyelet lace as well as black flowered venice lace.

The special attractions of this dress that make it so gorgeous are the gathered sweetheart neckline, the cute front bow, the layered skirt, black flowered venice lace, low cut back and back ties (see photo below for back view).

A lolita outfit is composed of basic key elements. These can be broken down into: headwear, blouse, bell-shaped skirt, undergarment, legs, and footwear. Each element is essential in creating the proper lolita aesthetic, but as you will see, there is much room for variety within them. What makes this a Gothic and Lolita dress are a combination of these common features

Headwear - A lolita almost always adds decoration to her hair, because it would be a wasted surface if one could not slap a bow on it. Notice that the bows match the dress! Thanks, Megan!

Bell-shaped skirt - The ideal lolita silhouette is of the bell shape, whether she is wearing a dress or a skirt. This shape is achieved thanks to the petticoats beneath.

Footwear - The traditional footwear of choice for lolitas is the Mary Jane, but similar options are available. A proper lolita shoe should feature a closed, rounded toe as well as chunky, thick heels or platforms.

Legs - Though a lolita's skirt may scandalously reveal her knees, a lolita tends not to expose her legs too often, as this would be improper. It is generally good practice to cover one's legs at least up to the knee, which means wearing knee-length socks. Other options include over-knee socks, stockings, and opaque tights.

Classic Lolita is the tamest of all the Lolita styles as many Classic dresses could pass for a garden party, church or summer dress. Unlike Sweet Lolita that is about looking cute, Classic Lolita is about looking classy, and harks back to Lolita fashion's roots in Victorian fashion, taking inspiration from the floral patterns, and the sense of elegance of the era; bold colors aren't normally found in Classic Lolita clothing.

Andrea Nicole Baker


Anonymous said...

Andrea this is the best Lolita yet I love it, not only is it beautiful it was made for you...everything is perfect color, shoes , ribbons stockings everything

Ribbonlicious said...

The dress is so pretty *___*