Saturday, December 26, 2009

A pair of shoes that make her steps feel princess-like

Just the other day I came across another wonderful post from Victoria Suzanne at Lolita Charm. It is called 30 things every Lolita should have. Such a sweet list! I smiled at each one that I have. Making a note of the ones I still need to work on. Of course that reminded myself that one of my Loli resolutions for 2010 is to set aside one day a month as my "Princess Day". Jan 31 will be the first one. More on that later.

Number 15 is "a pair of shoes that make her steps feel princess-like". I had just purchased the lovely pair of shoes you see on the left to go with the strawberry F+F skirt. (I'm still looking for the perfect pink or red blouse to complete the outfit. (any suggestions?) Plus strawberry earrings, bracelet, necklace. strawberry lip gloss and anything else (that might be strawberry) to completely accessorize the outfit. Hope I'm not allergic to strawberries. LOL

Last weekend I wore the heels out for the first time to complement my pink suede skirt suit. I felt like I was floating as clouds on air do. How do I explain that every step felt princess like? I have felt that way before in a gorgeous evening gown and lovely heels to match. But that is directly channeling Cinderella. Nothing wrong with that! But this is different. I must have received at least a dozen compliments on those shoes. Ladies telling me how pretty and sweet they look. Can't wait to see the reaction when I finally put the complete outfit and look together.

Andrea Nicole Baker


Anonymous said...

Andrea - Love the cute shoes and the skirt is very pretty also.
What does the "chan" after your name mean?
Lucy S.

Andrea Nicole Baker said...

Chan is used for younger people as a sign of affection or friendship. Adults will call all female children xxx-chan while they will call older boys xxx-kun. Adult males will call each other kun as a carryover from childhood days when boys call each other xxx-kun. xxx-San is a sign a respect, acknowledging that the person is a member of adult society. Older men calling younger females xxx-chan might think that they are flattering them by indicating they are young. However, most women would prefer to be called xxx-san for the previous reason. Girls that are friends will call each other xxx-chan