Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Carousel Meet-up

We had a fun meet-up on Sunday January 3rd at the Mall of Georgia. A few of us rode the carousel. Most of the girls were at their first meet-up. Hope they can make the Fancy Tea party on 31-Jan.

Then we walked around the mall doing some browsing and shopping. It's always fun to walk around in a group and be the centers of attention. People ask if we are part of a club or models or lots of other questions about the way we are dressed. When we were posing in from of the Juicy Couture display at Macy's we were asked if we were Juicy models! Sometime I just say that we're into "Gothic and Lolita". Not sure that helps. But it is always fun posing for people who want to take our pictures.

Here is a cute photo of yours truly at the Carousel.

This is a link to my Journal where you can see more meet-up photos. I also got lots of compliments on my new dress. The first chance I have had to wear it out in public.



RaymonLosey said...
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Ribbonlicious said...

That's great ^^ Meetups are always so much fun. It's trange just to say "Gothic Lolita" here in Germany, sometimes people are afraid to ask more about the fashion because they hear the word "Gothic" = scared @_@'

Andrea Nicole Baker said...

"Gothic" can be scary to some people. Makes them think of scary things like vampires and the like.

I love your tea party. I hope to do one at home someday. I'm planning one for the end of january at a fancy restaurant. I'd like to do something a bit personal also. Any ideas?