Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gothic and Lolita Bible #35 (Dec 2009)

I received the Gothic and Lolita Bible vol 35 (Japanese version) in the mail a few weeks ago. I love the English version (which I can read) but the Japanese version is also full of interesting pictures and content.

As the cover alludes to, this season's issue is all about the winter colors of black and white, or as it's put in the mook, "angel" and "devil" styles. Angel and Deamon fashion special, a look into the rooms of japanese lolitas, The Lady of Habsburg fashion story and a peek at the new prints from Innocent World and Angelic Pretty's "Dessert collection". On the first cover is a page of Angel vs Devil stickers. Nice touch!

One major difference between the English and japanese versions is that there are mny more ads for the major brands. Full page spreads for Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Innocent World, Mary Magdalane, H. Naoto and so much more. There is a lot more of gothic, kuro and shiro Lolita styles in this issue than in many of the recent ones, which have focused more heavily on sweet Lolita for spring, summer and fall.

There is also a special insert section about make-up. How to be an Angel or Devil. Sweet Angel, Classic Angel, Gothic Devil and Cute Devil. Unfortunately the instructions are in Japanese. But you get a good idea of the look from the photos.

On the inside back cover is a gorgeous photo of Angelic Pretty's "Dessert collection". This photo does not really do it justice. It is gorgeous! There are many Angelic Pretty New Items Gifts surrounding the dress. The dress is gorgeous! 100% sweet, of course. So many different shades of my favorite color - Pink.

The Lady of Habsburg fashion story has the most gorgeous photos. Wish I could read the text, This is one of them. Quite stunning. What could be much sweeter?

One other thing that I truly love is a look into the rooms of japanese lolitas. Four wonderful color pages. All the way from Gothic to Sweet. The issue is worth buying just for that.

Andrea Nicole Baker

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Ribbonlicious said...

It has really so many beautiful pictures from brands, just wonderful!! *___*