Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oscar dela Renta spring 2010

I love Oscar dela Renta's gorgeous fashions! Wish I had a closet full of them! From ready-to-wear, resort wear, evening gowns, cocktail dresses, etc.

Click on the link to the Oscar dela Renta
spring 2010 Fashion show in New York in February. Here is the video.

Also worth checking out the 2010
Bridal collection.

Here are some of my favorite fashions from the shows.

Andrea Nicole Baker

Tokyo Fashion Festa in New York

I was reading all about the festa online this morning. I am sooo extremely jealous that I could not make it to New York. I used to get to NY quite often. But it has been so long! But at least we can all read about it.

So let's start with Lolita Charm and Victoria Suzanne at the Festa. That girl goes everywhere! Included is an embedded video that she created of the fashion show on her Charm Channel!

Also check out this posting on Japanator. I cringed at the following: "While idol duo VY performed, the models sported a wide variety of Gothic Lolita styles- the predominant look was a kind of Little-Bo-Peep ensemble, but there were a few entries in the sleek and sexy camp as well. On display were outfits from Alice and the Pirates, Amy's Love, Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Black Peace Now, and Mielette Tantou". But lots of great photos of the fashions make this worth a look!

A complete set of photos on Flicker!
Here are some examples.

Loli Andrea

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Avril Lavigne Gets Into Character For 'Alice In Wonderland' Music Video

Pop star Avril Lavigne adopts a new look and sound for her song "Alice," the first single from the soundtrack for the remake of the Disney film "Alice In Wonderland." The video premiered Friday. From the album 'Almost Alice' - Official track from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland - in cinemas March 5.

The video is rather dark but very cool! I love the serious vocals and the tie in to the movie. You can feel a strong link between fantasy and reality and she sings about tripping out. See more information on this Yahoo music blog.

We're planning a Lolita meetup on opening night of the movie on Friday, March 5th. To make it even more special we're going to the 3D Imax presentation. Sooooo excited.

Loli Andrea

Winter Olympics and Figure Skating Fashion

What an incredible week. Between the excitement of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and New York fashion Week (more on that in my next post) there has not been time for much else.

Let's start with the Winter Olympics. Every four years this becomes so compelling. The difference between a gold medal effort and 4th place is so narrow. almost seems like no room for error. The work and effort it takes to achieve a world class performance is amazing. An incredible dedication to excellence. The ability to focus both mentally and physically.

The Figure skating fashion seems to get more and more gorgeous every year. Both the mens and the women's fashions.
Here is fun link called "Sparkles and Spandex".

Here are some of my favorite fashion photos from the past week!

Andrea Nicole Baker

Friday, February 5, 2010

Wonderful Fashion Blogs

I love fashion. I come across so many interesting fashion blogs that I thought I would share some of the ones that I have bookmarked recently. The fashionwh0re - This blog has the most amazing fashion photos from the pages of Elle, Vogue, Glamour, etc. From fashion magazines all over the world

Fashion leg wear is so varied and gorgeous. The fashionlegwear blog is a delicious tour of many styles and fashions. Who knew there were so many choices in legwear.

A personal blog about one girl's love of old-fashioned glamour. A_red_Lipstick. What could be more traditional glamour than red lipstick? Gorgeous fashion that have a timeless character.

GlamourDaze is an archive of vintage fashion and beauty. Vintage fashion and makeup. I love the full color ads. Quite striking to see how the looks and advertising have changed over the years. The ads are truly pieces of art. Gorgeous.

Fashion Hedonism is a lovely blog with gorgeous photos of a sweet girls adventures in fashion.

Easy Fashion in Paris. I love Paris. One of the most beautiful cities in the world. If the the most! Gorgeous fashion photos taken out and about in Paris! I adore this blog!

Glorious handbags, jewelry and fashion at the Luxurious fashionista.

This is glamorous. A gorgeous and very feminine place to view exquisite fashion, models and assorted other things.

Vintage Vogue - Fashion from the 1920s to the 1960s.

Fashion me Fabulous - based on the Coco Chanel quote that "Every girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous"

Bat Your Eyelashes is a gorgeous personal view of makeup and all things beauty related.

Fashion Moment is another stunning fashion blog with lots of gorgeous photos. Like walking through a museum of fashion.

I have added all of these blogs to my fashion links (on the right).
Andrea Nicole Baker

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fancy Tea Party - Yummy food and treats

I only mentioned briefly how wonderful the food was. Now you get to see how amazing a treat we had. The server started by explaining the selection of almost 20 special teas. He passed them around so we could all taste the aroma of each one in order to decide our choice.

Not long after he brought out the individual teas (as you can see from the place setting (below). Every three people shared a tower as you see here on the left. At the upper level are fresh baked scones. Still warm from the oven. In the middle are all types of finger sandwiches. On the bottom are sweets - cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, and some many other treats. There was also a plate of delicious cream and jam for the scones.

This is the view of the gorgeous setting when looking down the entire table. There was not much food left by the time we finished. There was general agreement that we have to do this again sometime.