Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fancy Tea Party - Yummy food and treats

I only mentioned briefly how wonderful the food was. Now you get to see how amazing a treat we had. The server started by explaining the selection of almost 20 special teas. He passed them around so we could all taste the aroma of each one in order to decide our choice.

Not long after he brought out the individual teas (as you can see from the place setting (below). Every three people shared a tower as you see here on the left. At the upper level are fresh baked scones. Still warm from the oven. In the middle are all types of finger sandwiches. On the bottom are sweets - cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, and some many other treats. There was also a plate of delicious cream and jam for the scones.

This is the view of the gorgeous setting when looking down the entire table. There was not much food left by the time we finished. There was general agreement that we have to do this again sometime.


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