Saturday, March 20, 2010

Angelic Pretty

I admit that I adore Angelic Pretty. I know it is rather juvenile and definitely OTT (Over-the-top) Sweet. But the patterns are so gorgeous and delicious. I would own all the dresses if I was the right size. But being a tall girl the dresses are not made for my size.
Gallery of my favorite Angelic Pretty Prints,

Some history of AP that I found on the web. (This is from Wikipedia)
Angelic Pretty is a name of a Japanese fashion company specializing in lolita fashion, created in 1979. Angelic Pretty sells an assortment of sweet lolita clothing, accessories, coats, dresses, jumper skirts, blouses, cutsews, skirts, headdresses, petticoats and bloomers, shoes, socks, bags and more.As well as the brand's popularity in Japan, Angelic pretty is increasingly becoming one of the most well known Lolita brands world wide.

Earlier this year, the company opened an official English site to cater for their fast growing foreign customers.
Two of the designers which have made themselves well known throughout the lolita community are Maki and Asuka. Recently they have appeared at the American event PMX hosted by Cosplay Oneesan during November 2007 where a designer panel was held, and a recreation of one of the Japan Angelic Pretty stores.

Maki is from the Saitama prefecture. She started working for Angelic Pretty in 2003 and is one of the main designers. She majored in Illustration from a vocational school. Before graduating she brought some of her art to Angelic Pretty to answer their ad and was offered a job, working her way through school. Originally she wasn't interested in clothing design as "you can't draw scenery on clothes, so I thought I would prefer drawing." She is in charge of designing socks as well as choosing the base cloth and thread.

Asuka is from Kanagawa prefecture. She started at Angelic Pretty in 2001. She is another of the main designers, however she also oversees all press work. She majored in Design during high school and entered a vocational school for clothing and accessories. Similar to Maki she answered an ad that Angelic Pretty had placed and was offered a job. She designs shoes, bags and parasols.

Official Japanese Site
English Site
Cosplay Oneesan, Angelic Pretty's fashion events organizer for United States
Angelic Pretty on Facebook
Virtual Japan Review of Angelic Pretty
Angelic Pretty pictures (photobucket)
Angelic Pretty Pullips

Watch this wonderful video by Mishi of Angelic Pretty original Prints.



Ribbonlicious said...

It's very interesting about Angelic Pretty. I've met Asuka and Maki last year in Paris, they'Re so cute ^^

Andrea Nicole Baker said...

That must have been so exciting to meet them. Do they speak any English? (or any other language other than japanese?)

I'm going to have one of my girl friends design some dresses for my in the AP style. I'd love to have one OTT Sweet dress!

Anonymous said...

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