Saturday, March 27, 2010

Finding your perfect prom dress

So the question is "I'm really looking for some advice about how to find the perfect gown for myself. Help!". The first place I went was to google. That narrowed me down to about 1,500,000 sites. I found some great baseline advice to start with:

Six tips to help you find you perfect Prom dress.
But then i called my friend, Joanne, who manages a local Bridal and Prom shoppe to validate the advice.

Also, check out this very helpful video.

PENCIL YOURSELF IN: "This is going to take time. So make an appointment with a knowledgable salesperson and be willing to try on all sorts of styles. Do research ahead of time. Bring photos of what you like.

DRESS THE PART: "You'd be surprised how many girls go shopping for a gown in jeans and tennis shoes. Do yourself a favor and dress up. That means proper lingerie, heels, makeup, etc. You want to be able to see the full affect of the Prom Gown"

BRING A SMALL FANCLUB: "Bring a good girlfriend. Someone who will be honest and critical."

GO "COUTURE": "Buy the best gown that you can afford. You'd be surprised what a little extra money could get you."

HAVE FUN AND PATIENCE: "Enjoy the journey. It's not everyday you have this opportunity."

Here are some of my favorite prom dress sites:
Cinderella's Gowns
Prom Dress Shop
Find My Prom Dress
Bella Boutique

And just a few gorgeous gowns!

Andrea Nicole Baker

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