Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tresor in Love

Just learned about a new fragrance from Lancome coming to the US in the Fall of 2010. Here is what has been written about it:

"There was so much fragrance, makeup, skincare and haircare that the average beauty junkie would just combust trying to take it all in. One of the new fragrances on display is Tresor in Love, our latest scent and a sibling to the legendary Tresor. T.I.L. takes the iconic fragrance and transforms it into a fruity floral. If you like that category of fragrance, you'll be interested in knowing it's Lancome's first fruity floral. (Previous Lancome scents have all fallen into the floral, oriental, chypre and/or citrus categories.)"

Check out the French version of the new video ad for Tresor in Love. Gorgeous and sexy!

Andrea Nicole Baker

Friday, April 23, 2010

new Megan Maude dress

As you might have noticed from the recent meet-up photos I am wearing a new outfit. The top is a cute black button-down blouse. I love the gathered short sleeves. Note the cute bow in the front. The skirt is accented with gorgeous black lace and bows. It has a size zipper and ties in the back. You may also notice that there are pockets on either side. Quite useful. I have never had a dress with pockets before. The outfit fits perfectly and feels great. Of course, I got many lovely compliments!

Andrea Nicole Baker

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Piedmont Park Meetup

The meetup on Sunday was so much fun. We had planned a picnic at Piedmont Park. A big concern was that this was going to be during the Dogwood festival. Lot's of crowds and the challenges of parking. Not to mention changeable weather in April. But everything turned out just perfect.

We had a large turnout, great food and gorgeous weather. I had planned for us to meet at the gazebo (which is off a walkway in the middle of the lake. An easy landmark to find. I was hoping we could just have our picnic there. At is turned out we transformed the gazebo into "Lolita Island". It was fun watching the people walk by and starting or, even better, taking photos of us.

After about 2 hours a big group of us went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for some sightseeing among the gorgeous flora and fauna. Especially loved the orchid house.

Picnic Photos:

Atlanta Botanical Garden Photos

Loli Andrea

Monday, April 19, 2010

Loli Valentines

I received a wonderful surprise this past weekend. Someone posted a LoliValentine about me!
So now I am quite inquisitive to know which lovely and sweet Lolita created the Valentine. Not that it really matters. But it made me soooo very happy! How sweet and kind! Thank you!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring has Sprung

It's starting to look and feel like Spring here in Atlanta. The trees and flowers are all budding. It's the most beautiful time of year. The Atlanta Botanical Gardens orchid house is in full bloom. This is the perfect time of year to wear flowered dresses and show off like the azealas and flowering trees. Here are a few recent photos.

Andrea Nicole Baker

I found this gorgeous Heels site that comes with a user interface that makes shoe shopping fun. It works something like Auto Trader. The site also offers live help, terrific customer service, shoe fitting guides, daily shopping deals, links to social media sites, videos and also FREE 2nd day shipping and FREE returns.

The most fun is the search interface. Here I am looking for party shoes. Note the selections I have made. You see your search criteria and the shoes pop up underneath that window.

Changing the criteria is quick and easy. The response is quick and fun! You'll find what you are shopping for with a few mouse clicks!

Andrea Nicole Baker