Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Piedmont Park Meetup

The meetup on Sunday was so much fun. We had planned a picnic at Piedmont Park. A big concern was that this was going to be during the Dogwood festival. Lot's of crowds and the challenges of parking. Not to mention changeable weather in April. But everything turned out just perfect.

We had a large turnout, great food and gorgeous weather. I had planned for us to meet at the gazebo (which is off a walkway in the middle of the lake. An easy landmark to find. I was hoping we could just have our picnic there. At is turned out we transformed the gazebo into "Lolita Island". It was fun watching the people walk by and starting or, even better, taking photos of us.

After about 2 hours a big group of us went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for some sightseeing among the gorgeous flora and fauna. Especially loved the orchid house.

Picnic Photos:

Atlanta Botanical Garden Photos

Loli Andrea

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