Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tresor in Love

Just learned about a new fragrance from Lancome coming to the US in the Fall of 2010. Here is what has been written about it:

"There was so much fragrance, makeup, skincare and haircare that the average beauty junkie would just combust trying to take it all in. One of the new fragrances on display is Tresor in Love, our latest scent and a sibling to the legendary Tresor. T.I.L. takes the iconic fragrance and transforms it into a fruity floral. If you like that category of fragrance, you'll be interested in knowing it's Lancome's first fruity floral. (Previous Lancome scents have all fallen into the floral, oriental, chypre and/or citrus categories.)"

Check out the French version of the new video ad for Tresor in Love. Gorgeous and sexy!

Andrea Nicole Baker


BlondHime said...

I love your cute blog!
I add U to my favorites blogs! :)
Please visit me :)
Have a nice day!

Andrea Nicole Baker said...

Thanks for the lovely comments. I really enjoy your blog also.

Anonymous said...

Andrea - This is soooo sexy. Made me wonder about why he put his hand on her waist when there are so many places he could have touched her. Could you tell me what are the places a man could touch a woman and make her happy. I mean other than the "usual"