Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Emma Watson

The recent issue of Vanity Fair has a gorgeous photo of Emma Watson (from Harry Potter fame). It is so hard to believe that she is in her freshman year at Brown.

Click on Video to see Emma Watson getting all ready for her photo shoot.

I was extremely disappointed to see that the issue of Vanity Fair had only one small article and just one photo about Emma.
Especially since the video shows so many outfits and poses. The photo is full page but still disappointing that there were not many more. But the one photo (on the left) is truly gorgeous.

Andrea Nicole Baker

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betty said...

I freaking LOVEEEEEEEE Emma Watson. She's so incredibly fashionable and cute! I've been loving all her photoshoots. I'm such a huge fan and is so happy she's getting a lot of attention. She's a wonderfully bright and intelligent women. We need more beauty with brains in this world. There's way to many beautiful but ugly (in the inside) models.