Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fifty (50) and Thirty (30) - and ILD

What is the significance of those numbers? This is my fiftieth blog post of 2010. That was actually my goal for the year. One post a week (minus 2 weeks for holidays). Somehow I have made my goal and it is only June. There has been so much to write about: My love of Gothic and Lolita fashion, beauty, fashion, my girlfriends and more. As long as there are interesting things to blog about I will continue to post to my blog.

Thirty (30) is the number of followers to my blog. Thanks to each and every one of you for your comments and suggestions. I'd love to know more of what you are interested in reading about. I am thinking of emailing each of you individually and inquiring. All I know is that the number of followers has more than doubled since January so there must be some interest in these topics.

For this milestone post I have decided to post my favorite photos from the three (3) Atlanta Lolita meetups that I arranged (so far) this year. I have not posted much Lolita related topics lately but that will change come fall. I am planning a fab Birthday meetup in October. The common theme of these photos are the lovely Lolitas and sweet girlfriends I have made.

January - High Tea Meetup at Four Seasons

March - Meetup as Imax Theater to see the new Alice in Wonderland Movie

Spring meetup picnic at Piedmont park and Atlanta Botanical Gardens

BTW - International Lolita Day was yesterday. So Happy ILD to all the wonderful Atlanta Lolitas!

Andrea Nicole Baker


BlondHime said...

How old are U ?

Andrea Nicole Baker said...

I think your blog is so cute! I love pink! Feel free to email me.

betty said...

<3 You have 31 followers now! I always had you subscribed on my google reader but not on blogger. ;D Those meetups were so fun! I'm really looking forward to your birthday party!

OT: But did you see the new iphone? I bet you're going to be the first in line for it since I remember you telling me you've sold your soul to Apple. Haha. :)

Andrea Nicole Baker said...

Betty - what a wonderful surprise. Hope you are having a good summer. Yes, I have to start thinking about plans for a Birthday meet-up.

I saw the new iphone but am going to wait since I bought an ipad in the spring.