Monday, June 14, 2010

Katy Perry at the Grammys

I happen to be one the people who enjoy Katy Perry's music and videos. I think she is very cute and has a wonderful creative streak. I actually saw her in concert last year. She puts on a great show. So I thought it was very amusing the rumors and scuttlebutt about her in the press. Must be doing great things for her career. She has a new album coming out called "Teenage Dream".

What's funny about all this is that people seem to be obsessed about her breasts. This article is an interview with her titled, "Katy Perry's Breasts Are 100 Percent 'Genuine and Untouched". Katy is furious at suggestions that she has had work done on her boobs. "How could people think these are fake? Look at 'em. Ask them! They are as real as real can be," she ranted. The singer even revealed her breasts are "One hundred per cent genuine and untouched... well sort of."

This is way too funny! "Thank God for Katy Perry's Breasts" "Every time before I go on stage, or go out where I know there will be a lot of press, I take a skipping rope and spend about ten minutes, fully clothed, skipping," Perry reveals. "I look like Rocky. This way I can ensure that everything is firmly in place and I won't have a wardrobe malfunction...Don't want those boulders doing a show of their own."

Andrea Nicole Baker

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greenhawk46 said...

great breasts, lovely, sexy outfits too xxx Jim