Saturday, June 12, 2010

MAC Brush Finder

MAC cosmetic brushes are my favorites. I have replaced most of my brushes with those from MAC. There is a great interactive online site called "Brush Finder" to help you find just what you need.

Every woman's guide to makeup brushes is worth a detailed read. As women we will spend countless dollars on our cosmetics, and use any old thing lying around in our drawers to apply them, not really knowing any different. Furthermore, using the correct brush for your application made of quality materials will make your application more even and easier to apply. When purchasing makeup brushes I have learned that the best ones are handmade.

Another good alternative for makeup brushes and accessories is Sephora. There is always someone there who can help you choose what you need.

I strongly recommend that you visit your local MAC or Sephora store for some professional help to find the perfect set of quality brushes to help make you look gorgeous!

In closing there are also some good You Tube tutorials on the topics of what makeup brushes a girl requires.

Andrea Nicole Baker


betty said...

I've been behind in commenting on your entries. But this is so true! Good quality brushes goes a long way. I just recently started using makeup so this guide is quite helpful. Thanks! I'm still having a hard time using eye liner but makeup has made me feel more confident in the way I look. Now I'm on a mission to find a decent affordable priced eye primer (besides the $18 Urban Decay one that is quire popular) and a instant brush cleaner that is also affordable. I understand the importance of good quality makeup but I've found drug store brand is just as good. I have a mixture of both. :T

Anonymous said...

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