Sunday, July 25, 2010

Korean Wedding dresses

I was browsing the internet for Korean fashions. Lots of beautiful and gorgeous dresses, accessories and more. More on that in a later blog posting, But I did find two gorgeous wedding dresses that are so different than I have even seen before. They are soooooo cute and sexy. But I realize that they might not be everyone's "cup of tea". Enjoy the photos. One is pink and the other is black. I just adore the flower appliques on the bodice. Actually, I feel that these dresses could be worn to any formal event.

Andrea Nicole Baker

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Top 100 dresses of the 2000s

I came across a lovely article on about the top 100 dresses of the past decade. These are the top 10.

1. Kate Hudson in Versace

2. Anne Hathaway in Armani Prive

3. Charlize Thereon in Vera Wang

4. Eva Mendez in Dior

5. Penelope Cruz in Atelier Versace

6. Gwen Stefani in Valentino

7. Jessiica Alba in D&G

8. Kate Winslet in Yves Saint Laurent

9. Sarah Jessica Parker in Chanel Couture

10. Drew Barrymore in Alberta Ferretti

Simply Gorgeous!

Andrea Nicole Baker

Sign of the Apocalypse

Did you see the news story yesterday about a major rainstorm in Milwaukee and a sink hole opening up and swallowing a Cadillac Escalade? The good news is that the man climbed out of the window of his vehicle and a local man, who was at the scene, rescued him before he was either electrocuted or drowned. The car remained in the sinkhole Friday afternoon in drive, and had not yet run out of gas.

I must tell you that the Cadillac Escalade is the car I detest the most. It is the ultimate in conspicuous consumption (and the Hummer is probably right there also. But at least the Hummer is not manufactured anymore).

Conspicuous consumption is a term used to describe the lavish spending on goods and services acquired mainly for the purpose of displaying income or wealth. In the mind of a conspicuous consumer, such display serves as a means of attaining or maintaining social status.The term conspicuous consumption was introduced by economist and sociologist Thorstein Veblen in his 1899 book The Theory of the Leisure Class. I read this in History class in University. Well worth reading.

It seems such perfect justice that it was the gas guzzling and road hogging Escalade that was gobbled up by an act of nature. Not a coincidence that it was an Escalade and not a Toyota Prius.

Andrea Nicole Baker

PS - I don't think that people who drive these cars are bad people just that they seem to lack a sense of values.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sexy Celebrities in High Heels

I came across this great celebrity site. Here are a selection of fab photos. Click here for a lot more.

Heidi Klum

Jennifer Aniston

Kristen Bell

Rose McGowan

Kate Beckinsale

Blake Lively

Gwyneth Paltrow

Andrea Nicole Baker

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Must read fashion blog from Down Under

I recently discovered a fabulous fashion blog (called Perth Fashionista) authored by a cute girl from Australia. I've been to Australia (Sydney) before and look forward to going again sometime. Candide is intelligent, fashionable, very cute and has a lot of the same interests as I do.

As she says in her profile: "Fashion enthusiast, personal stylist, shoe addict, lifestyle guru, beauty advisor, Perth girl. I'm studying a Diploma in Professional Styling fulltime and work fulltime as well. This blog is filled with fashion, news, events, lifestyle, food, illustration, looks, trends, style tips, clothing, pictures, photos, etc, etc, etc. Enjoy!"

I just adore that she writes about what moves her at the moment. From fashion to beauty to shopping or the latest topic of interest. Enjoy!

Andrea Nicole Baker

Sunday, July 18, 2010

favorite fashion and beauty iphone apps

I love my iphone because of how easy and intuitive it is to use. Plus I now have a great collection of APPS for almost everything which includes shopping, fashion and beauty. Here are some of my favorite fashion APPS.

iPerfumer - From fragrance house Givaudan, iPerfumer is a mobile perfume recommendation tool and is set to revolutionise fragrance buying. Offering individuals tailored advice on which perfumes to try, iPerfumer removes the confusion that often surrounds choosing perfume. Revolutionary in its approach, iPerfumer is a personal fragrance consultant in your pocket. It provides fragrance recommendations to help make informed choices, either for yourself, or when buying gifts for others.

Chanel - What does the iPhone have to do with fashion? Isn’t it all about technology? Well, fashion and technology come together with the Chanel iPhone App. You can get news, photos, videos, and product information from one of the biggest names in fashion. You can watch fashion shows, see the latest offerings from the Chanel line, access an RSS feed of Chanel’s news, and check a store locator if you just have to have whatever item you just saw. So far Chanel is the only fashion company to release an app like this, and there’s no news yet if others will follow. The Chanel iPhone App is free from the App Store. - See the latest runway show, party shows, runway videos and style file blog.

FastMall - Its incredibly helpful to locate sales, stores, restaurants and even gives turn by turn directions to the nearest bathroom for free. Its a must have and incredibly cool for everyone.

Elle and Elle Shopping Guide - Coverage of the latest fashions. The shopping guide covers 10 major cities (including Atlanta) for now.

Ralph Lauren Collection - Highlights of the latest Ralph Lauren Collections

Trendstop Trendtracker -’s iPhone application is the must have tool for any fashion lover or professional who wants to know the latest trends even before they hit the industry. Created by, the global trend forecasting team for the fashion industry, trendtracker™ provides professional fashion trend forecasts, instant coverage from the fashion shows, inspirational photo galleries and daily catwalk trend analysis. The application also includes the most fashionable events, venues, show schedules and news from the shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Your device will automatically be updated to notify you of any last minute show, venue or schedule changes. Search by Designer or City for instant access to the hottest as-it-happens catwalk trends and news. The application will kick off in earnest on the 11th of February 2010 for New York Fashion Week. Check out the full coverage and in-depth trend analysis at

Victoria's Secret App - You can also browse our latest bras, panties, shoes, swim, fashion & more from your phone. Find and buy products directly from when & where it’s convenient for you. Feel like popping into a Victoria’s Secret store instead? With our new GPS-enabled store locator, you will always know where your nearest Victoria’s Secret is. Share function also makes it easier than ever to send emails to your friends & post VS pics, videos and stories directly to your favorite social networking sites.

Some great links for fashion apps

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Andrea Nicole Baker

Monday, July 12, 2010

Material Girl Collection by Madonna

Madonna and daughter Lourdes "Lola" have teamed to launch the new Material Girl fashion line of clothing and accessories for young women. Material Girl by Madonna and Lola will be available at Macy's on August 13 and The Deadbolt has a few Material Girl fashion photos, sketches, and a video in which Madonna gives more details about the Material Girl fashion line.

Young fashionistas and fans of Madonna will soon have the best of both worlds with Material Girl since the mother - daughter, Madonna - Lola fashion line offers young image conscious girls several new material options in the way of hip clothing, jewelry, and handbags to round out the summer.

Asked to sum up the Material Girl customer, Madonna described her in this way: “A Material Girl is a girl that is interested in fashion and interested in music and interested in fun. [She has] a sense of humor [and] is an adventurous human being.”

The collection is slated to hit 200 Macy’s doors and on August 13th.
Lastly, Steve Madden will produce shoes for this line of clothing.

Andrea Nicole Baker

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gorgeous Fashions in Italy - Part 3

A sampling of the gorgeous fashions in Italy (storefront view) from my recent trip. They do fashion right! It did seem that the national outfit for women was tight jeans and stiletto heels. More on that in a future blog posting.

Andrea Nicole Baker