Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hime Lolita Part 1

My friend, BlondeHime, lives in London. She is quite into the Hime (Princess) look. She is so gorgeous and cute. The style is so cute and girly that I decided to learn a lot more about it. First take a look at these lovely Lolita pink dresses on her blog.

Hime Lolita is a very elegant style of Lolita. The style reflects a sense of royalty and class. Hime Lolita usually is defined by how you style yourself and not the dress. A sweet Lolita dress with peals, roses and bows accessories can be worn in Hime Lolita. Any natural-looking makeup will look lovely with this style. The key is to look classy.

So let's start with some information about how to be a Hime Lolita.

Hime Lolita or Princess Lolita is the most frilly, feminine and extravagant style of Loli. It's all about bows, lace and tiaras!
The color schemes are pale pinks, baby greens, white, and cream are all basic colors. Then, there's mint greens and pale yellows and sometimes red or black. Basically, you want to look innocent-- like a little girl playing princess games or fairy games. Patterns are usually crowns, cupcakes, flowers, or butterflies. Once you have a couple of skirts/dresses in the color scheme, it's easy to accessorize.

The skirt should maintain basic Loli rules-- bell shaped with a petticoat to hold it up. Frills and bows and mostly just above the knee. The blouse should be high necked as usual, maybe with a couple of bows here and there. If you have long hair, curl part of your hair and tease the rest of it up into a beehive like thing. Always add a tiara, bow, headband or cute clip.

Makeup and accessories next: Bows, tiaras, flowers and frills are all you need. Add a tiara, maybe get a necklace with a rose or bow on it. You can get lots of rings with little bows on them. Makeup is easy. You don't need much, just enough to make you look childlike and innocent. So rosy, rosy cheeks! Eyeliner to open up the eye. White eyeliner in the corner and waterline of your eye really makes them look big. Some people like false eyelashes and some just use a lot of mascara. Pink lip-gloss also works very well. Nail art is very popular in Hime. You can buy fake nails, or get your real nails done professionally.

The attitude: No skulking in the corners! Plaster a little smile onto your face, be polite and remember your manners

Lolitas Many Trends. Hime Lolitas accessorize with tiaras, pearls, and opera length gloves, socks are often traded in for tights, or nothing at all. Satin details and even whole pieces are much more accepted in Hime Lolita than they are in regular Lolita. There are typically two differnt styles of Hime Lolita, the ultra princess in a Marie Antionette styled dress, or a more modern style that often involves a blouseless JSK.

More to come..
Loli Andrea

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