Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hime Lolita Part 2

Continuing on our exploration of Hime Lolita.....
A fun Hime Deco blog. Totally OTT Sweet but adorable.
Now, have you ever seen so much pink in one place?
Check out her lovely blog!

Japanese "Princess Girls" Live Life Like A Fairy Tale. Read the article in Jezebel. Plus watch the video to see a clip of Ms. Yamamoto in action:

I found this list which describes the main identifying parts of a Hime Lolita Outfit. Not all of these elements are not required to make a Hime outfit, they are the most common element.

Big hair usually with big curls too
Big eyelashes
Dark eye make up
Hair bows and flowers
Knee length dresses usually with prints or embellishments
High heels with flowers, lace or bows
Pearl or diamond jewelery
Fancy nail art with lots of embellishments

Community for Hime girls on Live Journal
Another, what is Hime Lolita post. Some interesting examples of dresses and accessories.
Hime Vicky from Brazil - very cute and adorable blog.
Cute Pink Hime World - BlondHime blog

Hime Videos worth watching
Hime fashion photos
Another Hime fashion video
Makeup Tutorial 1
Makeup Tutorial 2

Coming Soon
Hime Lolita Part 3 - Fashion trendsetters
Hime Lolita Part 4 - Putting together my own Hime Lolita outfit and look

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