Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Birthday Party

About 24 Atlanta Lolitas came to Marietta Square where we posed for photos and spent time together. Then off to dinner at Marietta Pizza followed by ice cream. The day started around 2 PM. I think we all finally left about 8:30 PM. My best Birthday ever! I am blessed to have such lovely and amazing girlfriends! Thanks for the presents and spending the afternoon and evening together. Here are some of the photos. I'll post more about my new dress sometime soon!


BlondHime said...

I saw a lot of your pic. U always smile! That's so nice & cute :)
And I love Lolita's meeting :)
U so lucky to be there :)
Cool! :)

BlondHime said...

oh... that you had a birthday? shame because I do not know :(
delayed (but always) Happy Birthday! :p

Andrea Nicole Baker said...

Thank you! It was a wonderful and very special Birthday!

BlondHime said...
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BlondHime said...

Certainly :)
with Lolita's :]