Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Girly iPhone

I love my iphone. It has a cute pink and black cover with butterflies. I can use it to browse the internet, access my photos, play all my music and videos, and the best are all my girly apps that I love and use constantly. So I found this cartoon so amusing. I honestly admit that I view Android users as geeks and Blackberry users as dinosaurs. But each to his or her own. Enough room for all.

Did you see the Droid ads that says the iphone is girly? Verizon's Droid ads pit the new phone against the Apple iPhone - comparing their manly device to one they infer is girly. The ads portray the iphone as "Princess" which does not bother me one bit. LOL.

I do love the ad. Click here to see it. of course the entire premise is wrong but we can still have fun with this anyway.

In any case the review says it best:
If you are in need of testosterone, see your doctor. If you are looking for a fast device with a good screen, great network and real keyboard, I prescribe the Droid. If you are looking for the best mobile phone with the simplest interface, most software options, most accessory choices, integration with iTunes and the most productive experience with minimal set up difficulties, skip the gym and head to the Apple Store and pick up an iPhone.

Andrea Nicole Baker

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betty said...

I've sold my soul to google. I have an Android phone (the os that runs on the Droid). So that comic about how other cell phone users view other users. It's trueeeeeee! Iphone users are evillllllll!

Haha, I do admit though. Apple is good at marketing. There's a reason they're doing so well. :)