Monday, November 29, 2010

Pretty Pop Designs

Lindsay and Jennifer have opened up the cutest girly girl online store! You absolutely must check out the delicious fashions and jewelry! They are also on facebook.

Also visit their Deviant Art
page for a comprehensive photo portfolio and journal updates. Sooo cute! So I must give you ladies some examples of what I love about the fashion and jewelry!

I'm such a pushover for anything pink and girly! I adore this skirt. It will look gorgeous with a medium stiff petticoat! BTW - Did I tell you that I have already ordered this skirt? LOL. Need to start looking for just the right belt.

Another of my favorites. I adore the Sweet Candy pattern, the lovely lace and the style and shape of this skirt! Just imagining which top I would wear with this (and also which accessories and shoes!)

I fell in love with this outfit the first time I saw it (this morning). I adore the Disney Princesses. The pink frilly sweater jacker over a frilly cream blouse would make an amazing outfit! Don't you just love the way the skirt is completed with the yellow lace and fabric? It mimics Belle's formal gown. I love how this picks up the image of Belle in the skirt. How Sweet! A gorgeous affect and design. I wonder if they have any more of this fabric left?

Last, but not least, is a pearly rose pink and yellow cupcake necklace. Its the perfect accessory to go with the the Disney Princess outfit above!

Happy shopping girls!
Andrea Nicole Baker

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