Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Is the iphone for girls?

I blogged about this about a month ago. The girly iphone. Now I see that Jenna Goudreau at Forbes has written about the same topic. Here is the link.

Marketing research group "Women at NBCU monthly" tracks the top 500 brands that are most important to women by following what they search for and talk about online. Apple’s iPhone has consistently been in the top. In fact, in the past few months it shot up even further in importance to women, going from No. 22 in August to No. 8 in October, the latest data available.

Not surprisingly the conclusion is that Apple has been marketing to women. “Apple has been smart to market to women.” Other factors that might contribute to a gender divide are color—women prefer red and men prefer black, for example—price, carrier and size, say technology analyst Sascha Segan, a columnist at PC Magazine.

Marketing aside, women now mostly make their own technology decisions. Way to go girls! Of course, two of my best girlfriends love their Android phones. So what does that tell you?

Andrea Nicole Baker

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