Thursday, December 16, 2010

My New Blogging for 2011

I'm changing my approach to blogging in 2011. It's going to be a lot more structured rather than the random topics and events that I blog about now. These will be the topics I will blog about on a monthly basis in this approximate order. There will also be random posts (as they occur) about Lolita meetups and Gothic and Lolita interests. So that will be about 10-15 posts per month. Sometimes less. Sometimes more.

1. Fashion/Couture: The latest fashions that catch my eye
2. Girly Girl - Monthly topics for us girly girls
3. Men: Guys that I like, dating, relationships and the like
4. Pretty little things: Lovely girly things that I find attractive
5. Girlfriends - Interviews and photos with my girlfriends
6. Beauty and makeup - What I find compelling about the latest in Beauty
7. New blogs that I like - Sharing blogs of interest across all topics
8. Photoshoot - At least one blog post of a recent photoshoot
9. Shopping - Adventure(s) in shopping during the month
10. Random thoughts and learnings from the month - At the end of each month

Would love to have suggestions for other blog topics. Please comment.

Andrea Nicole Baker


greenhawk46 said...

sounds good looking forward to it
xxxx Jim

Rita Mondray said...

Sounds like a plan. Very much looking forward to it!.....kisses, Rita

Andrea Nicole Baker said...

Please add your comments to my blog posting. let me know what you like and would like me to write about.