Saturday, March 26, 2011

March - Shopping and some cute photos

I'm standing in front of the Anthropologie Store at Perimeter Mall. I love this display. The dress seems to be made of paper. The decorations are really rolled up zippers. Very Creative. Hope you like my outfit and the photos.
BTW - The complete outfit (except for the heels) is International Concepts (INC) from Macys.

Andrea Nicole Baker

Thursday, March 24, 2011

March- new blogs - Japanese Street Fashion

I love discovering new (for me) blogs about Japanese Street Fashion.

Aimee Lily Rose has a beautiful blog about alternative fashion, art, movies and inspirations. I especially love her detailed post about Japanese Street Fashion. The photos are wonderful. Such a variety of Lolita styles! I'd love to have this cute ensemble!

Lolita Weekly is an adorable blog by a student who is a lifestyle lolita and adores all things cute! This posting is a very interesting that sets proper expectations about the public's acceptance and knowledge of the Gothic and Lolita lifestyle. She is absolutely right that Lolita has a very small following and that we cannot expect everyone to understand our love for the fashion. What amazes me is when someone sees us and says "What a sweet group of Lolitas!" That is definitely the exception.

Dolly Dreams is another wonderful and cute blog by a lifestyle Lolita. This is her posting about Japanese Street fashion. I do love how cute and Kawaii her blog is.

Also check out this blog for lots of cute photos of japanese Street fashion.

Monday, March 21, 2011

March - How to Be a Himegyaru

Hime gyaru is a style from Japan, and it means "Princess girl". I love dressing girly and looking adorable, so I'm going to see what I can do to put this look together for myself.

Here are some basics for the style:
Dresses are mostly knee-length, but some are shorter. Popular things on hime gyaru dresses are fake fur, pearls, animal print, flowers, bows and anything that's cute and sweet. But keep all these things in moderation, like ruffles just at the bottom of a dress, or lace on the sleeves. Don't make yourself look like your outfit it's eating you alive! Dressed tend to be very regal looking, and generally are in pastel colors-- after all, you're a princesss girl! Some popular brands are Jesus Diamante and Liz Lisa.

Makeup is important!! Hime gyaru gals usually wear lots of makeup, but it is very simple looking. Usually a himegyaru will wear liquid (most popular) eyeliner in black, light foundation, false eyelashes and/or mascara and pink lipgloss/lipstick. Eye makeup is usually done to make the eyes appear larger.

Get a hair accessory. One huge flower (i.e. a rose) or a silk bow are good hair accessories. If you don't have a bow a little crown or tiara (it shouldn't be too big or it will look funny), whether plastic or metal, will be an adorable option. You MUST have a hair accessory. Popular hairstyles include having your hair teased into a high beehive or boufant hairstyle, with lots of curls, or having a nice, simple bun. Straightened hair isn't very hime unless you have a boufant to accompany it--the elaborate big-hair hairdo is a trademark hime gyaru style. The hime haircut is perfect for hime gyaru--it's basically long bangs cut to your jaw, with regular bangs as well, the rest of the hair is cut evenly at one length.

Get some type of nails. Fake nails are very pretty, especially they are nice if you naturally have short nails, but if you want to go totally natural, a clear or shimmery white nail coating can be used. They should be decorated/painted in some fashion.

So this is my first attempt. Love the wig. I'm also wearing a little tiara. More accessories to come.

More to come.

Andrea Nicole Baker

Friday, March 18, 2011

March - girlfriends

Andrea Nicole Baker

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March - Pretty Little Things: Baby Girl Boutique

Some interesting pretty little things from Baby Girl Boutique. A great selection of lingerie, shoes, jewelry and other pretty little things. Feel free to send me a gift of any of these!

Purple Satin & Black Lace Pin Up Girl Platforms with 5 3/4" Heel

Double Tattoo Hearts Stainless Steel Toggle Clasp Rockabilly Necklace

"Lingerie in The Line" Cotton A-Line Skirt

Fuchsia Pink Blossom Fascinator Hair Clip with Black Feather Accent

Andrea Nicole Baker

Friday, March 11, 2011

March - 30 things every Lolita must have!

I really loved this post at F yeah Lolita about 3o things every Lolita must have. So here are my answers:

1. A workable Lolita wardrobe. Whatever this means to you, either a couple mix and matchable outfits, or a whole walk in closet filled with frills.
It has taken awhile but I now have a lovely collection of dresses, skirts, blouses. Love to see all the frills when I walk into my closet.

2. At least one petticoat! To achieve the perfect poof. Have 3 petticoats! 2 White and 1 black!

3. A good mascara, to create a dolly-eyed look. I love mascara. I try a new one every 4 months.

4. A Livejournal so you can watch and comment on EGL. Yes, but we have really left that behind and are now using Facebook.

5. A feedback page for the egl_comm_sales so you can sell off what you don't wear when it comes time for closet cleaning and buy some cheap second-hand pieces to fill the void! Not Yet, but soon.

6. A favorite style, even if you can never stick to just one! Sweet Lolita!

7. A dream dress, either hanging up in your closet or one that you can dream of one day owning.
It's on order. Shhhh. It is a secret!

8. A favorite shopping service, so you're ready when your dream dress goes up for sale on a Japanese auction site. My Shopping service is called Amber!

9. At least one piece of brand, even if it's just a headbow or a tote bag, it's always nice to have something that was made by one of the people who popularized the style you love so much. I have a couple of brand dresses (Megan Maude)

10. A winter coat with enough flare to fit over your skirts and not squish it (if you live somewhere cold enough!). Need to get one for next winter!

11. A frilly "house dress" for when you want to wear some frills but you don't feel like going anywhere. Yes!!

12. A collection of Gothic & Lolita Bibles, so you can ooh and aah over all the pretty clothes. Scans are just as good as the real thing, but scans don't come with stickers and patterns! I love browsing through my collection of G&L Bibles. Wish the English version was still being published.

13. A Malice Mizer album because, let's face it, whether we like it or not, Mana is Lord of the Lolitas. Not Yet!

14. A mix CD of songs that remind you of Lolita, so you have something to put on while you get ready for meetups, to add a little bit of extra loli-ness to your day. Most Definitely and very girly girl!

15. A copy of Kamakazi Girls. The manga, the movie, or the book, it doesn't matter! Even if you don't care for it, you should at least know who Momoko is. I have the DVD. Love watching it over and over.

16. A Lolita blouse or cutsew that you can wear with "normal" clothes like a pair of jeans or a nice skirt. For when you have to do something mundane, but don't want to leave all the frills at home! Yes, in pink and white

17. A dress that's not your normal style at all. Maybe it's a super sweet print in a closet full of Gothic dresses, or a Punk Lolita piece in a closet full of Sweet dresses. Something to work on. A Punk piece would be so much fun!

18. A parasol to keep the sun out of your eyes. Need it for summer here in Atlanta.

19. A Tide To Go pen, just in case you spill something! YES!

20. Something you made yourself. A necklace, some sock toppers, a hair bow, or even a whole dress. Hmmmm. Have to do that sooner or later!

21. An elegant local place that you could have an impromptu meetup, just in case you find another Lolita in the area. My new place is perfect for the girls to just come over for a visit.

22. A pair of comfortable but cute shoes, for days when you're all dressed up but know you're going to be walking a lot. Yes - and they are so cute!

23. A pair of boots or even cute rain boots, for when the weather is less than nice but you still need to wear Lolita. Time to buy a pair of Lolita boots!

24. A pair of wrist cuffs, to wear in the summer with short sleeves, and to wear in the cooler months with long sleeves to add a little extra ruffle to them. Or even to wear as sock toppers when you need to! Yes!

25. A pair of fluffy and cute slippers, so you don't get the bottoms of your socks dirty while getting ready or walking around the house. Yes!

26. A piece of clothing/accessory that always manages to impress people. Maybe it's a perfectly styled wig, a rare print, a unique hand made piece, or something over-the-top extravagant. My Juicy charm bracelet!

27. An elegant place to relax after a day of wearing all the layers and frills of Lolita. Cafe Intermezzo.

28. A tube of sock glue, for that pair of socks that you can never get to stay up. Not a problem.

29. A favorite color or motif so you can get excited when designers release something featuring it. Pink and more pink.

30. A story you can share whenever people ask you "How did you first discover Lolita?" My first meetup!

Andrea Nicole Baker

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March Girly Girl (Sweet Lolita)

I love being a "Sweet Lolita".
Sweet Lolita is the most over-the-top style and includes aesthetics nearly exclusive to lolita. It is also the most child-like of the lolita styles, using many bows, ruffles and light colors to make up an outfit. The most common colors used in a Sweet Lolita outfit are pink, white, and powder blue, but an outfit can be made with nearly any pastel or plaid (or nearly any color at all as long as it is not neon). Common motifs in Sweet Lolita are toys, strawberries, cherries, cakes and candies, hearts, polka dots and flowers. Prints inspired by fairy tales are also quite common. Light, natural make-up complements this style. Teased out pigtails and bouncy curls are commonly worn by Sweet Lolitas.

Now on to the sweet photos!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Fashion: I love AP Melty Chocolate

I adore Angelic Pretty's Melty Chocolate JSK. This video says it all. Isn't she adorable. Enjoy the lovely photos (and stay tuned for more..... Smile)

Andrea Nicole Baker