Sunday, May 8, 2011

May Girly Girl - Disney Princess Birthday Party

The consensus among my girlfriends is that it would be wonderful to have a Disney Princess Birthday party. Everyone loves the idea! So be it! Here are some ideas that I found online.

First of all each girl must come as one of the Disney Princesses: Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Cinderella, Aurora or Snow White.
That doesn't require a complete dress of the character but at least some articles or colors that the chosen Disney Princess would have.

Party Supplies: Wow! Was I surprised. Not a problem. Every kind of item is available online or at Wal-mart. See this link to Birthday Direct. Plates, cups, napkins, balloons, party favors, decorations and so much more. Things I would never have even thought of!

Decorations: Party props are essential for setting a festive tone.
Use a white tressel and hang pink streamers and curling ribbon from top to bottom. Cover with pink and white balloons and even some white Christmas lights. Find a pretty chair to set under the tressel. Tie some awesome super shaped Disney Princess balloons to the chair and to the tressel for a stunning birthday party room eye catcher. This, of course, will be the princess’ throne where she can open presents and take photos. Use a matching set of streamers, balloons and curling ribbon for each pattern to decorate the whole room. Tie a Disney Princess theme balloon to the back of each chair with lots of streamers and curling ribbon accents. Put a cute clear acrylic slipper that has each guest’s name and little candies at each place setting.

Yummy Food Ideas:
PINK PRINCESS PUNCH- strawberry sherbert and gingerale
DAINTY PRINCESS SANDWICHES- make these with a heart shaped cookie cutter. Make lunch meat and strawberry cream cheese sandwiches with wheat bread on one side and white on the other.
STRAWBERRY DIAMONDS -strawberries dipped in white chocolate
QUEEN OF HEARTS-Make heart shaped cookies and have girls decorate them
PRINCESS PRETZELS- dip pretzel sticks in white chocolate. Add pink or red sprinkles
PRINCE CHOCOLATE KISSES- every princess needs a kiss
POPCORN, CHIPS,OR PRETZELS- served in tiara shaped bowls.
STRAWBERRY ICECREAM- pink for any princess

Party Games:

Pretty Pretty Princess Sleeping Beauty

Disney Princess Sing-A-Long Songs

Disney Princess Chutes and Ladders

Have a table area with a sign labeled Princess Ariel's Makeover”. Start with a hand massage with a sweet smelling hand cream, then have the girls do nails. Give them each a Disney Princess ring and matching bracelet. Eyebrow pencils, rouge, lipstick and eye shadow can be part of this makeup area. Order cute Disney Princess mirrors and mirror compacts.

Treat bags and Presents - All with the Disney Princess theme!

Andrea Nicole Baker


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