Thursday, August 25, 2011


So what is the significance of seven thousand? It's the number of photos that are in my Flickr photo galleria. When I finished moving all my photos there I was surprised at the beauty of that lovely round number.

This is the link to my new Galleria. Click on "Organize and Create" and then "Sets" so that you can browse all the different collections and themes.  So why Flickr?  My Home Page will be going away in June 2012.  That's when Apple will disable the home page functionality. But I have not been doing updates for a year now. Between Flickr for my photos, my blog, and Facebook I have a perfect social media presence for you all to connect with.

Feel free to add comments to any of my photos on Flickr. If there is one you love email me and I will send you a high resolution version. Please tell me the SET and the unique Identifier of the photo in the set.

I will be posting a little blurb about a specific set once a month on my blog. I'll tell you about the outfit. Where the photos were taken and some background info. Keep checking for new additions to my Flickr Galleria.

Andrea Nicole Baker


greenhawk46 said...

I'd call that dress hot xxx Jim

Anonymous said...
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