Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday ipod

I'm still trying to put my thoughts together about Steve Jobs impact on our lives. But, pardon the interruption, the 10th anniversary of the ipod was yesterday. I still remember carrying around a case with 20 CDs and a CD player. How annoying was that? There were MP3 players but they were a miserable lot of crappy technology. Watch this clip of Steve Jobs introducing the ipod back in 2001.

This is the first step of Apple totally reinventing the music business. An amazing look back at history at what was then. We now take for granted that we have "1000 songs in our pocket" (except that now it is closer to 10,000+). When you finally see the ipod (Steve takes it out of his pocket) it still looks like great design and revolutionary. Thanks, Steve.

Btw - Anyone you know have a Zune? LOL. Microsoft finally killed that product this year.

Background on how the ipod was created.

NY Times article.

Andrea Nicole Baker

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Rita Mondray said...

I put off using the ipod for the longest time. Now I can't live without it! My pod now contains 12,569 tracks and still growing. Having been in the radio business for awile I amassed quite a collection. Converting analog from vinyl to digital was a chore but so much fun to do. Thank you Steve Jobs!