Monday, October 24, 2011

We're on CNN! Geek Out....

What an incredible surprise to see that Lolita Fashion has gone mainstream. Read the article at this link.

On the whole the article captures the essence of the fashion and those of us who love it. Hopefully it will capture the interest of the readers who might just start to explore Lolita Fashion a bit deeper. As we know, there are so many resources on the internet.

Also mentioned is the quarterly Gothic and Lolita bible in English. Reminds me how sad I am that it stopped being published. I still get the Japanese version every quarter. The fashion photos are still work the price of the magazine.

My favorite statement is "While lolita fashion still remains a niche in the United States, women who participate in it are passionate about it." Darn straight!

BTW - most of the comments to the article are inane and stupid. (Male comments obviously) But some are truly worth a laugh. Can people truly be so stupid and ignorant? There are a few good and thought provoking comments also.

Andrea Nicole Baker

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