Friday, November 18, 2011

Kashimashi: Girl meets Girl

I just finished watching the Anime Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl!
There were 15 episodes. I really loved the anime. It was so sweet. I felt like I could really relate to all the girls. Hazumu, Tamari and Yasuna. Also, the animation was wonderful. The version I watched (DVD) was dubbed in English.

"Hazumu's friends have always considered him "almost like a girl." But what happens when it becomes literal? After being rejected by the girl he likes, Hazumu goes for a walk in the woods, where an alien spaceship accidentally crash-lands on top of him. To honor the galactic code, the aliens restore Hazumu's life—but have reversed his gender by mistake! Now Hazumu must live the rest of her life as a girl, while the aliens move into her house and follow her around."
That's just the beginning of the anime. It gets even more fun after that!

The title Kashimashi loosely translates as "noisy, boisterous, or clamorous" and is derived from the Japanese phrase, "When three women gather, it is noisy". (LOL - You can just imagine the noise when 20+ Lolitas gather for a meetup).

There are lots of different sub plots in the anime that combine to make this interesting and delightful. At a certain point I developed a real empathy for the main characters.
It's a combination if a gender-bending comedy, lots of Sci-fi with the alien Hitoshi and an artificially intelligent gynoid named Jan Pu. But most of all a very touching romantic love triangle between the three girls!

I also enjoyed the situations where Hazumu's best male friend Asuta Soro also starts having romantic feelings for Hazumu, but tries his best to repress them. Hazumu attempting to buy her first bra is pretty humorous.

I highly recommend the anime for a light an enjoyable treat!
KashiMashi at Anime New Network

Andrea Nicole Baker

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