Monday, January 30, 2012

Atlanta Lolitas - 3rd Annual Afternoon Tea at the four seasons

The photos speak for themselves. We had another fabulous event. The highlight was the announcement of "Frill - A Lolita Convention June 9-10 Atlanta, Ga"

Andrea Nicole Baker

January: Photoshoot

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Frill - A Lolita Convention in Atlanta, Ga June 9-10, 2012

At the 3rd Annual Atlanta Lolitas High Tea the Frill Directors announced "Frill - A Lolita Convention in Atlanta, Ga June 9-10 2012. Registration is now open at We are expecting up to 200 Lolitas to attend from around the entire SouthEast, US.

The conference will include the following.

  • Lolita Panels all day Saturday with specific topics of interest
  • Cafe - Yummy treats and drinks will be available along with games to play
  • Fashion Show - Showcasing various styles of lolita from our featured shops
  • Saturday evening party - Music and performances
  • Sunday Tea Party - In traditional Lolita style
  • Boutique - Frill Boutique is a unique lolita shopping experience. See all of your favorite indiebrands in one place and try on your favorite pieces before deciding to buy.
  • Consignment Shop - The Frill Consignment Shop is the easy way to clean out your closet while also getting the chance to buy in person.
  • Meet and Greet - See your friends and make many new ones!
  • Yummy food and drink

Frill Mission: The Affrillation Directors wish to provide an engaging and compelling convention for the American Lolita Community. It is our goal to foster communication and education of diverse lolita values and aesthetics to the community at large and to those just entering the lolita fashion. Further we wish to promote the culture and fashion of lolita in the United States.

Frill Vision: The Affrilliation Directors envision a convention exclusively for Lolita fashion and culture that brings together diverse viewpoints and aesthetics. Frill convention will be an event where the American Lolita can engage in conversation, learning, shopping, and networking. We intend to showcase the work of major Japanese designers as well as Independent designers. We also wish to provide opportunities for lolitas at every level to advance their own personal taste and style by participating in panels and events related to lolita culture.

Andrea Nicole Baker
Frill Co_Chair

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The healing power of the beautiful

Every Woman's Beauty is her Defense Against Cancer
By: Jackie Clark

Facing a cancer diagnosis or cancer treatment can be extremely scary, and can leave any woman feeling scared, hopeless, and anxious. There are countless unanswered questions that accompany cancer diagnosis and treatment, and facing the battle can require courage many women are unsure they actually possess. However, every single woman does have the courage and drive required to face a cancer diagnosis, and one way that a woman can feel stronger and more assured in herself is by appreciating her own beauty.

Naturally, cancer treatment can have serious implications on a person's appearance. Chemotherapy often leads to hair loss, and other side affects of treatment may change a woman's appearance in other ways as well. Women who are going through cancer treatments must recognize their own unique beauty, instead of focusing on the changes that the treatments might create.

Women should always dress in a way that helps them feel confident and self-assured. This is especially important for major days, such as days when a woman is going in for treatment, or a day that she might be feeling especially nervous and upset about her condition. Wearing favorite articles of clothing that highlight a woman's beauty is a great way to help women feel more confident and better about themselves.

One idea is to purchase a piece of jewelry or accessory that a woman finds comfort and beauty in. For example, a necklace or a scarf that has a powerful symbol could be an excellent choice. Every time she begins to feel lost or sad, she can touch her necklace or scarf and find strength in it. Additionally, if she's wearing a favorite pair of shoes or outfit, she can always enjoy the extra feelings of confidence she has from her best articles of clothing, and can use the added confidence as strength and motivation in fighting cancer.

There are a number of different types of cancer that women might face, from lung cancer to skin cancer, to mesothelioma. No matter what type of cancer a woman is fighting against, treatment can be enhanced by going into it with a confident, positive outlook, and finding ways to have women feel better about themselves is a great way to increase the effectiveness of treatment. Women should take steps such as purchasing a new article of clothing or accessory, taking time to do their make up in a way that compliments their face, or sporting the latest fashion trend, in order to feel the most confident. Each woman is different, and should take steps to feel beautiful accordingly. No matter who it is, every woman enjoys looking and feeling her best, and when that happens, it can help give her confidence to beat cancer.

The healing power of feeling beautiful.

What to wear for Valentine's Day - The Criss Cross Dress

I just received my latest catalog in the mail from Victoria's Secret. On the back cover was a photo of this gorgeous criss-cross dress in snake-print.

"Cross your heart! This little dress wows with its classic feminine shape, sweet halter neckline and flirty glimpses of scalloped lace. We’re loving this sundress for day-to-night—it’s just that irresistible. Fit-and-flare shape. 19” from waist. Machine wash. Tumble dry. Imported cotton"

The dress comes in 6 other colors. Now this is a challenge to choose one color. But why choose just one? Which color do you prefer?

Andrea Nicole Baker

Sunday, January 22, 2012

January: Beauty and makeup: MAC lipglass

Do you ever put on your makeup (eyes, blush, highlighter, etc) everything but your lips and look at yourself in the mirror? Something just does not feel and look right. Then when you put on your lips you see what an amazing difference that makes in your look. Check them out here. Having used them before I can tell you they are fabulous.

Andrea Nicole Baker

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lolita Stereotypes

I found these wonderful (and funny) Lolita Stereotypes on Deviant Art from wolfpuppy!
It's fun that we can laugh at ourselves. Enjoy and share.

Andrea Nicole Baker

Golden Globes - Best Gowns

I love the awards shows for the gorgeous gowns. The Golden Globes, Oscar and Emmy ceremonies.Not for the awards and the speeches. Just for the Red Carpet walk before the ceremonies. Here are some of my favorite gowns from last weeks Golden Globes awards.

Andrea Nicole Baker

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Congratulations Laura Kaeppeler - Miss America

Miss Wisconsin, Laura Kaeppeler, was crowned as the new Miss America this past weekend. She is a gorgeous, intelligent, talented and absolutely wonderful Midwesterner.

Kaeppler introduced herself to pageant viewers by mentioning the NFL's defending Super Bowl champions and their superstar quarterback. Read more: Aaron Rodgers.

Andrea Nicole Baker