Thursday, January 26, 2012

What to wear for Valentine's Day - The Criss Cross Dress

I just received my latest catalog in the mail from Victoria's Secret. On the back cover was a photo of this gorgeous criss-cross dress in snake-print.

"Cross your heart! This little dress wows with its classic feminine shape, sweet halter neckline and flirty glimpses of scalloped lace. We’re loving this sundress for day-to-night—it’s just that irresistible. Fit-and-flare shape. 19” from waist. Machine wash. Tumble dry. Imported cotton"

The dress comes in 6 other colors. Now this is a challenge to choose one color. But why choose just one? Which color do you prefer?

Andrea Nicole Baker


Dr. H said...

RED! It's Valentine's!

Anonymous said...

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